The First Ducati Small-Capacity Motorbike Could Be An EV.

The technology isn’t quite there yet, according to Ducati, so the electric bikes won’t be arriving anytime soon.


The last major European manufacturer to enter the market for motorcycles with smaller fuel tanks is Ducati. When the business ultimately produces its first electric two wheelers, that might alter.

  • Presently focusing on what we can learn from Moto E
  • Company claims that the markets for 11kW and 35kW EVs are promising.
  • Will take time because there isn’t any technology yet.

With partners (mostly Indian), BMW, Triumph, KTM. And even MV Agusta have collaborated to create a series of affordable, low-capacity bikes. Even Harley Davidson, the king of powerful, intimidating motorbikes, has adopted this strategy. Ducati has been the only major, premium worldwide brand. To reject making smaller bikes, however this might change in the future.

Recently, we spoke with Marco Biondi, the head of sales and marketing for Ducati APAC. And found out that the business believes that some EV models are popular. When we questioned Biondi on the possibility of Ducati using electric vehicles to enter the lower capacity market, he said that it may happen. He continued by saying that Ducati believes. There will be a demand for electric bikes with 35kW (47.5hp) and even 11kW (15hp) of power.

He does warn that this is probably not going to happen very soon because it all hinges on how rapidly battery density levels increase. We are now extremely interested with MotoE. Therefore we are learning a lot about this type of technology. Because the products we make for the MotoE teams. Are simply for end users and are not reasonably priced.

Biondi also made it clear that Ducati would want to keep their premium positioning and the key values associated with their goods even if they were to look at these areas. “The technology simply isn’t there now. In order for bikes to make sense, they must be light and have a 250km range. Although it’s in our plans, it’s not yet clear if or when it will actually materialise.

Would you be enthusiastic about a new low cost Ducati EV given the beauty and performance shown so far with the Ducati V21L, the company’s fresh new MotoE bike? Please tell us in the comments.

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