Review, price, and specifications of the 2023 Rolls-Royce Phantom

Rolls-Royce Phantom

Rolls Royce Phantom


Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has experienced ups and downs since the debut of the first Phantom in 1925. The company even referred to the departing Phantom as “the last great automotive adventure” when it first appeared on January 1, 2003, at the stroke of midnight.

We just drove the new car, and considering that internal combustion engines are probably going extinct within the next 14 years, perhaps that should have come before it.

The bar isn’t just raised here; it’s platinum-plated and embellished with jewels because, in Rolls-Royce’s opinion, the Rolls Royce Phantom serves as the standard by which everyone else in the world of expensive luxury goods evaluates themselves. You’re aware when someone says they’re “the Rolls Royce of watches, furniture, and granite kitchen countertops,” right? This is the Rolls-Royce of Rolls Royces, so to speak.

According to Rolls, the new spaceframe structure of the Phantom is 30% more rigid than the previous model. This number increases significantly in important areas like suspension and gearbox. Coincidentally, this new structure provides enough flexibility to support the upcoming wave of Rolls products, including its Luxury SUV.

With a double wishbone front suspension, a five-link rear axle, adaptive dampers, and active anti-roll bars, the chassis receives an entirely new suspension setup. It is also the newest model of car to feature four-wheel steering, whose three degrees of counter-steer reduce the weight of the vehicle at higher speeds and increase low-speed agility. The air springs on the Phant have larger chambers than those on any previous Rolls, and the tyres are specially designed Continentals with 2 kg of sound-absorbing material built into their design.

All windows have dual-layer double glazing that is 6 mm thick. The largest-ever cast aluminium joints are found in the body-in-white to improve sound insulation. And the Phantom overall carries more than 130kg of sound-deadening material. Within the floor and on the front bulkhead, there is double skin alloy. Where a layer of foam and felt is compressed. More insulating material is found in the boot cavity, doors, and headliner.

All of this adds up to the car’s 2,560kg kerbweight (2,610kg if you choose the long model. Which extends the wheelbase by 220mm), but that is unimportant. A stereo camera mounted in the windscreen reads the road ahead in addition to monitoring body and wheel acceleration and steering inputs to effectively remove surface unpleasantness before it can upset the occupants’ Dom Perignon. The heart of the new Phantom’s electronic architecture is made up of so many assistance systems that it is the single largest component made by the BMW Group.


The tactility of the door handles and the ease with which this thing moves are both important components of the Phantom’s “experience.” Of course, there’s also the way it appears as it cuts through lighter traffic. You don’t fully appreciate what a truly amazing-looking machine this car is until you follow another one.

From the redesigned Parthenon grille to the tighter, faster rear end. Whose surfaces benefit from superforming to achieve perfect radii, this is an awesome motor car to behold. Design director Giles Taylor is a meticulous worker. Or even better, to ride in. Even though it is pricey (starting, gasp, at £360,000), there is amusement for everyone here.

Rolls Royce Phantom Price – 8.99 to 10.48 Cr.

Overall, the GOD of luxury cars is Rolls Royce Phantom

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