Radar With Camera Assistance Might Be Installed On BMW Motorcycles.

This looks to be a BMW K 1600 model, and the cameras are positioned on the mirrors.


With electronic safety features like radar-assisted cruise control, blind-spot recognition. And clever ABS, manufacturers are attempting to make their motorcycles safer every day. Now, in an effort to further improve safety, BMW has started developing a new camera-assisted radar system for its motorcycles.

Details About The BMW Camera-Assisted Radar System For Motorcycles

The bike (a K 1600 variation in this example) is shown in the patent to have a camera mounted on each mirror. Which is used to detect incoming traffic as well as lane lines and noticeable road signs. Also, this technology has an impact on the bike’s LED headlamp. Which will automatically dip that portion of the LED matrix beam if it notices. That it is in a vehicle’s line of sight that is moving towards it.

These characteristics seek to increase the safety of everyone on board. Including the rider as well as the vehicle and its occupants. The upgraded 2023 Kawasaki H2 SX has a similar function where. The bike’s headlight automatically dims using a single camera hidden below the fairing.

This patent is visible on a BMW K 1600 touring motorcycle, but it may spread to other vehicles like the R 1250 RT or perhaps the all-new R 1300 GS item is anticipated to be released this year.

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