Made-in-India Exports of the Hyundai Verna Will Start in June.

Hyundai Verna

The Middle East, South America, and Africa will all get Hyundai Verna exports.

Hyundai India has achieved a wise transition from exporting little cars to exporting midrange cars as it rises up the value chain to serve customers locally and internationally. The Verna midsize sedan will be exported internationally by the business from India following the success of two Indian-made SUVs, the Creta and Alcazar.

Hyundai India: A Noteworthy Export Centre

Unsoo Kim, MD of Hyundai Motor India, revealed the new Verna on March 21, 2023, stating, “The all-new Hyundai Verna is being constructed at the state-of-the-art facility in Chennai. The car is built in India for the entire world, and we’ll keep looking into new markets to increase our global reach.

Almost 4.5 lakh midsize vehicles have already been supplied by Hyundai Motor India to several international markets. To accommodate anticipated future increases in domestic sales, the business has already increased its manufacturing capacity to 8.5 lakh units. Hyundai’s exports are anticipated to reach between 1.7 lakh. And 1.9 lakh units in FY2024, which, if achieved, would be a five-year high.

Plans For Exporting The Verna by Hyundai

According to our sister journal Autocar Professional, Hyundai has handed India sole manufacture and export authority over the Verna sedan. In the upcoming year, Hyundai Motor India intends to produce 1.2 lakh units of the recently released sixth-generation Verna sedan. With around 80,000 units, or 66% of its total volumes, going to the export market.

This indicates that Verna’s export volumes, which were at 40,000 units in FY2023, will quadruple in FY2024. The worldwide responsibility of the Verna will enable Hyundai Motor India. To grow its exports by over 20% the next year.

Hyundai Motor India Ltd. exports to the Middle East, South America, and Africa areas. The business spokesman stated in an official response to questions from Autocar Professional. In all markets, Verna is widely liked and welcomed. In June 2023, we want to begin exporting the brand-new Verna.

The Honda City will face competition from the Hyundai Verna.

The 2017 Verna, according to Hyundai, is the most connected car in India thanks to its 118 inbuilt commands and ADAS capabilities. The manufacturer asserts that the car boasts over 65 active and safety measures, including 30 ones that are standard.

The Honda City, which leads the midsize sedan sector and sells an average of roughly 2,500 vehicles each month, will face competition from the new Verna on the domestic market. Over 1,500 units each month on average were sold by the departing Verna. The business now hopes to double Verna volumes with the sixth-gen model and pursue sector leadership.

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