Comparison Of The Zontes 350T ADV Vs KTM 390 Adventure: Ambitious Aspirations

350T Vs KTM 390

The Hyderabad-based business Adishwar Auto Ride India (AARI), which presently oversees Benelli’s India activities, has had a successful year. Only in 2022, AARI brought four additional Chinese-owned motorcycle brands—QJ Motor, Zontes, Moto Morini, and Keeway—to our borders. As a result, the firm now retails 26 distinct models from five manufacturers instead of just a few Benellis. One of those motorcycles is the Zontes 350T ADV, which you can see here and which costs Rs 3.67 lakh ex-showroom and has eye-catching aesthetics, an excellent equipment list, and a 350cc engine. At that type of cost, it is more expensive than the KTM 390 Adventure, which we consider to be one of the best road touring options available at this price point. Are the Zontes able to keep up? (350T ADV Vs KTM 390)

Performance And Mileage Comparison Between The KTM 390 Adventure Vs The Zontes 350T ADV

In comparison to the KTM’s 43.5hp and 37Nm, Zontes says that its 348cc, DOHC, four-valve liquid-cooled single engine produces 38.8hp and 32.8Nm of torque. The engine has a harsh feel and sound, and the higher the revs, the more vibration there is. Although the gearing is a touch on the tall side, fourth gear seems strangely similar to third, and shifting up from third nearly feels like repeating the same gear. In our tests, the Zontes accomplished an 8.2 second sprint from 0 to 100 kilometres per hour. Which is slower than we had anticipated and 2.1 seconds slower than the KTM.

In the city, the KTM’s engine likewise sounds very gruff and clattery at low revs. But it smooths out once you pass 4,000 rpm. Even if there are still vibrations you can feel through the foot pegs and the engine is still gruff, overall the mill is smoother than the Zontes. With shorter gearing and a delightful burst that starts at 6,000 rpm, it is also significantly faster. Moreover, the KTM engine has a greater cruising speed. On a motorway where we tested both bikes’ fuel economy. The KTM returned 34.6 kpl while the Zontes only achieved 31.6 kpl. (350T Vs KTM 390)

Comparing The Characteristics And Designs Of The Zontes 350T ADV To The KTM 390 Adventure

In terms of design, it definitely works. The Zontes is a considerably bigger and more traditionally designed ADV, in contrast to the KTM’s long, slender, and insect-like look, which is undoubtedly an acquired taste. It has a distinctive LED headlamp (which also performs well), a sizable 18-liter fuel tank, dual exhaust pipes in the MV-Agusta style, and a wide 160-section rear tyre. The Zontes never stopped drawing attention and getting people to point at it, unlike the KTM, which quietly melted into the traffic. The Zontes certainly win this contest if you’re want to stand out in a crowd. (350T Vs KTM 390)

You may wow any curious bystanders who approach you for a closer look with the Zontes’ features, some of which are exclusive to motorcycles that cost 7-8 times as much. The fuel tank flap, the rear seat release mechanism, and the windscreen, for instance, may all be operated electronically with the press of a button. The ignition is also keyless. The key never has to leave your pocket when riding this motorbike, in fact.

While being quite tiny, the Zontes’ TFT display features a number of display settings and can even mirror the screen of your smartphone. All of it is wonderful, but if the display doesn’t function, it doesn’t really matter. And when the display chose to give out midway through our shot. This is precisely what happened to our test bike. It was eventually determined that this was caused by a blown fuse, which also rendered the windscreen adjust button inoperable.

With a motorbike with fewer than 1,000 kilometres on the odometer. That is not good, and quality is an issue here. Some of the plastics have a fragile feel, some panels have edges that aren’t sufficiently smooth. And there isn’t a sense of high quality throughout. In contrast, the KTM seems considerably better constructed and has a bigger, easier-to-read TFT display. A traction control system, a switchable rear ABS, and an off-road mode with more forgiving traction control are just a few of the special features that the KTM has to offer. There is also a bi-directional quickshifter, but unless you use it beyond 6,000 rpm, it seems quite clumsy.

In terms of seating positions, the Zontes provides more complete wind protection and seems like a lot bigger bike around you. While the KTM has a more comfortable seat and feels relatively small, it provides greater space for tall riders. The KTM’s seat height will provide a bigger difficulty for shorter riders.

KTM 390 Adventure and Zontes 350T ADV Compared For Riding And Handling

The Zontes’ weight is the simplest explanation for the difference between the two in performance and efficiency. The business states that the kerb weight is 196 kg, but I wouldn’t be shocked if it were considerably more. The bike seems slow and top heavy as soon as you start riding. Even rotating the handlebar requires more effort than it should. When the speeds increase, the heavy, clumsy steering still seems present, making it difficult to manoeuvre the Zontes around a series of turns.

In contrast, the KTM is a piece of cake. The blocky Metzeler Tourance tyres on this bike have always been excellent road handlers and provide more input and traction than the Chinese CST tyres on the Zontes. We’ve long criticised the KTM’s weird, road-biased ergonomics and unresponsive suspension when it comes to off-road riding. You may hop or slide the KTM about when you become used to these difficulties; it accepts anything with no problem.

The Zontes also has uncomfortable standing-up ergos. With the pillion foot peg holders spreading your heels out and the pointy fuel tank edges poking into your thighs. Off-road, the top-heaviness adds a another layer of dissatisfaction. But the Zontes’ relatively low ground clearance and exposed engine were what truly prevented us from pushing it farther than a dirt road. The KTM’s bash guard is composed of durable plastic, but the Zontes’ exhaust collector box is fully exposed. And the Zontes’ supple front suspension made it easy for it to scrape pebbles.

On the road, the Zontes has quite comfortable suspension, although heavier impacts might cause the fork to bottom out. Comparatively speaking, the KTM’s front suspension is fairly good, but the rear suspension, which has very powerful rebound damping, seems harsh on uneven and damaged roads. In especially in the rear, aftermarket suspension will be quite helpful for this motorbike. Both vehicles have good stopping power and feel. Although the lighter KTM comes to a stop more quickly. While the Zontes’ ABS system may occasionally be overly invasive.

Comparison Of The KTM 390 Adventure and Zontes 350T ADV: Conclusion

The Zontes’ main selling point is its stunning appearanc. While it also offers some distinctive features including tubeless spoked wheels and keyless technology. But, if it hopes to justify this price and compete with equally pricey motorcycles like the KTM or the BMW G 310 GS. It will need to make a significant improvement in terms of quality, refinement, and capabilities.

The Zontes is unmatched at this price as an attention-getting device. But once the wheels start moving, it loses its appeal while being good in some aspects. The KTM is still the way to go if you want a comfortable. Competent motorbike that can handle a lengthy trip and some off-roading along the way. As well as the everyday commute.

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